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    You betrayed me, lets a play a lil

    girl found out was being betrayed by bf and found a sarcastic way of breaking up

    In the beginning God said : "The four dimensional divergence of an antisymmetric second rank tensor equals zero", and at once there was light.

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    lmfaooooooo now thats good!!! some funny as shit!!! haha

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    I wonder what Kelsi said... if the girlfriend went bonkers over a "Hi, how are you?", or if it was something more enlightening like "Hey last nite was fun we should do it again soon"... either way, that's off the hook funny as hell.
    22:52 <onehotdame> pull my finger
    02:51 <onehotdame> ill miss u when u go
    14:53 <onehotdame> gotta callthePOD people
    12/17/2014 16:29 <onehotdame> your a bit of an ass when yo high

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    Good for her. Unfortunately though, being an adulter outside of the confines of marriage isn't illegal and she has written a confession that leaves her responsible for all of his listed possessions.

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    haha very funny us the it wasnt me thang
    <StephyMarieC> erik!!!!! yay you've always been one of my favorites hehe <scorcher863> i kinda want to smoke some meth, then play poker for like 3 days straight

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    Trust me, this could have been worse lol. I've seen women, and men, completely lose their minds at something like this, whether they were married or not.

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