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    Virus on RadioLoyalty site

    Some of the ads you have to click to get points have been infected with the Fake App Attack. Thats the one that says your PC is infected and wants you click on another site to buy the cure. Some versions of that can be pretty nasty. My Security catches it but some you may not.

    I am disappointed because I like the site and use it to get a lot of my points. I run it in the background and collect points all day long.

    Just to clarify it is not the site that is infected but the 3rd party ads they run. I have emailed their support team and told them about this. They have not yet repsonded. I would avoid the site for a few days. If they tell me they have cleaned up the issue I will post here again.

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    use ad blocker. that solves the problem.

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    I've had some new tabs open up (not strictly popups) that say my browser needs to be updated and a few other things. I just close them, and nothing has come of it
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    What ads are you talking about? I dont have to close any ads when i run it, just open it up and type in the code every 10 minutes
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