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    value of carbon money vs other poker rooms

    i almost bought some carbon today but i just couldnt come to an agreement with a guy over it. he wanted 500 points per dollar, which is normal usually. i just cant seem to grasp that carbon is really that valuable anymore. am i wrong? i mean you can redeem through zab 540 per dollar if you buy 5$ worth, but even then you gotta wait 2-3 days and it ends up not being worth the wait for a small amount. in order to get it any other way you have to 1 deposit, or 2 win it in a freeroll, or 3 get a dump from a player. option 3 was gonna be the case for me today. that also makes me feel like it should be less valuable. if you take a dump from another player you risk losing your account altogether. so in order for a person to dump they should get a discounted rate. my opinion but i think im right like normal lol.

    the other rooms, lock, juicy, and ACR are worth the 500 per dollar as they offer player to player transfers. that to me makes it more valuable just for the p2p alone. im always looking for a cheaper rate but i really do think carbon poker money has lost its value

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    I think anything less than Zab prizes are fair. I can't really say too much on carbon since transfer been suspended, really ain't no point. Unless you want to risk it on chip dumping. lol

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