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    Trampoline in the Olympics??? Really?? LOL

    Rosannagh MacLennan wins Canada's first gold of Olympics in trampoline - The Globe and Mail

    Wow!! Had no idea that trampoline was in the Olympics!!! Hahaha now iv'e seen it all!! LOLL

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    it's not from yesterday in the olimpycs. and its a sport much harder than many other olympic sports, so i see nothing strange about it.

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    Mar 2012
    I like the Olympic Games for his nobility

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    I wouldn't even begin to attempt doing what these people do on a trampoline. Mighty impressive, really.

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    there were a few sports ive never seen handball and trampoline.

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    Yeah until uve spent 5 minutes on one you have no clue lol Physically a very tough sport plus look at how high they get, where as we only get 5 to 10 feet up they get 20 to 30 lol
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