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Thread: So long PO

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    So long PO

    I know I've only been back for a month, but i regret to inform you that I will be leaving the site. As for the loanshark lethal that I owe you tonight, i'll be sending you .002 to your nitrogen ID so you have no worries there. I will be leaving due to my referral being banned for absolutely no reason and that his redeem will not be run (which I gave some points towards). Rivdee refuses to reimburse me for my points and gives me no reason for the ban and just tells me to drop it. I'm not going to drop it because if my referrals are being banned and my points aren't being reimbursed for such a small amount there is no reason to have faith in this site. Goodluck to everyone
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    I'm happy to give you the 15000 pts you gave to your referral. Just first, please return the 27000 pts I've given to you so you could gets some redeems in.

    Your referral was banned for several reasons and was given multiple chances, and more importantly I gave you the reasons and you still begged for him to come back. I cannot have "new" members harassing people for loans while they already have loans, and this person had been warned about their conduct already. I've already proven I'm willing to give people 2nd chances (you should understand that), but 3rd chances don't happen.

    Anything further you'd like to add, you are free to PM me. This issue is done.

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