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    Scrabble betting for PO pts!

    hey all,

    i play scrabble on a site called - a program called wordbiz. it's a really awesome site where you can challenge anyone to a match, and you get a rating based on how good you are. ironically, lowball plays on ISC also... we've done some betting with po points on who will win. for instance, if i won by 100+ i'd win the bet. if i won by <100 or lost then he'd win the bet. if anyone is interested in doing some scrabble betting with me or even just a friendly match, 1st--go to:

    Internet Scrabble Club

    2nd - register a username

    3rd - install the software

    4th - log in and play

    there is a 'tell' (chatting) component of ISC - so either lemme know in forum chat or talk to me on isc. My usernames are: VinniePaz1 and wheatieDOG on ISC.

    Lookin' forward to some ass kicking in scrabble!

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    Wheatie kicks some serious ass. Glad I get that handicap or I'd be screwed. But ya, it's fun check it out.

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    yeah guys, it doesn't have to be betting on 'one person will win' and 'one person will lose' - lowball and i are both reaaally good so if you challenge one of us to a bet i'd be happy to give a handicap! I'm sure lowball would too!

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