romantic by nature he was; his high.handed. his strength. his evil frivolous. but he is a real man. a man to understand what is responsibility. a pain and suffering. to give him back all his safety and glory of a woman endless brilliant man. He is worth her life to follow. more worthy of her love oriental purple condensate. her joy. she is his woman. is less. Lin Oriental purple condensate away in the bright eyes blurred Nalv.

went with a smile. That dish VCR. they all looked at. When he learned that Su Qingyi is that so disfigured man into the sea and the culprit. resentment continued to flourish. especially Yu Jingyao other women. When he learned that Su Qingyi even named the East. all are all stunned with the matter. When he learned Suqing Yi was actually the daughter of Orient House. exclaimed it is constantly ringing.
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