Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for people to post there poop stories.....So here is 1 of mine.

So this one night I got a little to drunk with a friend who was getting ready to leave for Iraq. We start taking shot for shot of JD up at the local bar. Somewhere along the line I end up blacking out and have a friend take me to the street I lived on. Unfortunately I did not make it in to my house but went into my GMAs house on accident. I don't really remember much but was able to piece together a little bit of the night. First off I woke up naked, besides one sock. On my other foot there was some brown stuff. I was really hoping it was mud, chocolate....really anything but shit, Sadly It was not. As I start to head to the bathroom I notice a big pile of human poop right in front of the front door. At this point im holding out hope that im dreaming. I Immediately go to her laundry room and come to find another huge pile of poop, this was also where my clothes ended up. Everything was there, even my other sock which to my surprise I had used as toilet paper. As soon as I get dressed my Uncle who was living there comes out of his bedroom and gives me the wildest look I have every seen. I ask him if I talked to him last night. He tells me only time we talked was when he opened up the pantry to get some late night coffee and I was in there popping a squat pooping on the floor as he opened the door. I'm thinking no way there are three piles. There where 3 piles.