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    PO Time Slots: Details of Our Daily Routine

    I got to thinking after being asked the question "Is it still considered PO After Dark time?" We should have the time slots known, if anything just for the hell of it (good for actually explaining times too, but no ones interested in practical use ) We already have POAD, why not? lol

    So without further delay I bring you...
    PokerOwned Time Slots

    These are based off California Time (Pacific Standard Time) for two reasons: A. Easier for me so that's what matters and B. The site already follows that pattern a bit anyways (not much activity after 2am PST, etc)

    This is a WIP, feel free to make new suggestions for names/time adjustments, and post your favorite time slots to hang on site

    Monday - Friday
    3am - 5am : PORED (PokerOwned Red Eye Degens, the time where people have no business being awake, usually blowing money off tilt and cursing at 5 hr long task that's keeping them awake)
    5am - 9am : POCB (PokerOwned Coffee Break, the early morning "check new threads, marketplace, surveys before work crowd)
    9am - 5pm : POUF (PokerOwned Unemployed Freerollers, the peeps who can spend middays degenning on freerolls, mid day tasks, and coach potato all day)
    5pm - 11pm : POPT (PokerOwned Prime Time, hot and heavy freeroll and chat action when the days rat race ends)

    Saturday - Sunday
    5am - 11pm: POWW (PokerOwned Weekend Warriors, when the members relax with their pants off on the computer all weekend losing money from said freerolls)

    And of course:
    11pm - 3am : POAD (World famous PokerOwned after dark, when the most unsavory types enter chat and unspeakable topics are discussed, Rated R, or higher when mods are absent)

    What is your time slot of choice?
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    Well of course I'm here for POAD! Wouldn't miss it!

    But I'm here often enough for the POCB, POUF and POPT

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    POAD is the highlight for me, but I lurk a lot during POPT.
    I'm gonna give that bitch a freeroll, bitches love freerolls.

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