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    Official thread for coupon discussion

    So i just saw this "extreme couponers" on TLC, pretty crazy they get like $1400 worth of stuff for like $9, sales ive made it my mission to learn all about this

    I have been trying to coupon now for about 3 weeks and its VERy difficult, matching up sales to my region you can't double coupons so it's super hard

    Any suggestions??

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    yeah, quit watching that show. lol..
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    You have to really be on top of your game and buy multiple items of the same thing which by time u use the are usually expired, good for charity drives though

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    Pointless if you ask me, my girlfriend has a friend who does coupons and my girlfriend was looking to get into it, its like a second job.

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    Years ago B4 everything was electronic. I had an aunt that did it(rebates also) she had her own cash register to make fake receipts, and got barcodes off empty packages we all saved for her.

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    i often been tempted especially with the price of fodd and stuff but does seem like a second job

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    Some how they get coupons that don't have limits to use, idk how I've never seen them.

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    that show is crazy but they put alot of hours into that stuff

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