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    my morning casino trip an hour ago!

    stayed up all night drinking and also enjoyed a couple re rolled cigars....

    drove my brothers to work at 9 am...

    on the way back home, i stopped at the casino...

    did my pigskin picks...(football pickem) casino football picks, to win cash and slot play

    had only three bucks cash on me...

    on my way to the door i threw the 3 bucks in the dollar digital it up to 5

    got a coors original pounder for 3 dollars...

    and now i am back to 2 dollars...

    put a dollar on black and a dollar splitting 28,29, 30, 31

    28 hit, i win 9$ i bet a dollar, lose, i am at 8$..

    i walk over to a penny slot machine, sippin my brew lol, and put 5 bucks in..

    lost down to around 1,30...

    said fuck another brew, and threw the other 3 bucks in...

    hit three flame sevens which was pretty much the mini jackpot on the machine for 20$

    grinded it up to 24$..

    got a beer...

    21$ now...

    took the 1 dollar and bet on a color...


    walked out the casino with two 16 oz. pounders of coors in my stomach and 20$..

    Thank You For The 20$ Rivers Casino!!!!

    =pikeboy fresh

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    lol that is classic micro gaming at its best..hope you put the 20 in the tank for gas or half and some groceries..lmao

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    bought some lucky charms, milk, banana peppers, bread, mozarella, 12 pack of diet coke, box of lipton soup and a 6 pack of ramen....lmao

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    good investment...

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    lol, the machine actually that is back to back with the one that i hit for 20 on, i actually was broke and used my casino players points which converted to 1.74 and i hit 3 flaming sevens or whatever the bonus reel was lol for 20 bucks then kept playing and hit four flaming sevens for 100 bucks...

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    Lol the best part was him saying he was "Grinding" slots. Classic.

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    hahahha that is some funny shit

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    i want you to know i read this and it made me smile... casino's in the morning mmmmmm

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    congrats on your grinding slots. Nice trip to the casino even better if you win your pigskin bets.

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