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    My Bankroll Journal

    (I am posting this in Off Topic instead of Cash & Tournament because my plans do NOT follow proper bankroll management, please leave thread in Off Topic - PLEASE do not follow these guidelines I will be using, this is NOT proper bankroll management by ANY means)

    The past two days have made me feel the need to start journaling my progress in building a positive income flow from my poker ventures. Between these two days, I have cashed over a thousand in my games. I would subsequently between tilted play/degenning/casino run play, lose the ENTIRE amount I gained. Time to start making some guidelines I will have to stick to that tend to my strengths (frequent mtt cashing and hit n run style profit in ring) while forbidding my weaknesses (full rolling in ring or casino and chasing losses until I lost it all)

    I realize I cannot set a daily goal of cashing as I continue to play later even after my main session is done, so going to just set bankroll limits (again not good management, but tends to my strengths, possible deposits will come at least in the beginning), restrict my casino use (not blocking but EXTREME control), and limits on ring use after my sessions

    So here's what I'm committing to:
    MTT sessions: until I get back over $200, it'lll mostly be daily full rolling into my games. I feel I'm consistent enough in my cash placings that this will not bust me, it's not happened yet from just mtts. Once past that point i'll probably set no more then $150 in buyins a night max, until I find the right level to lock it at. I can rebuy into games as needed except for $20+ buyin games, no rebuy after 1st shot (might make exception fot 12.5k game but only 1 retry max on that).

    I'm going to start documenting cashing in here rather then chat, I may mention a high stake game when at final 2 tables, but when I get on a roll and posting in chat all my status on games, its both distracting and gets me over amped, which I think starts my descent into degen

    Cash games, ah my weakness lately lol. until my roll is $500+, no more 10/25 or higher nlo8, 50/1 or higher plo8, or 3/6 higher flo8 (if i do play nlhe, same limit) Until then i have to get my roll back at 150+ to do a cash session of pl08 or nlo8, allowing 25 that night at 10/25 pl or 05/10 nl and lowers. If i bust the 25 i can retry ONCE only, and when recovered have to stop and put recovered back b4 continuing ring. If i bust retry done in cash for night, until i get roll back up as well. for 2/4 or 1/2 fl, its sit with $100 or $50, no retry allowed, and need min of $200 for 1/2 and $300 for 2/4. Goal is to try to double, bank the original amount, then freeroll on ring in each instance. Super Micros (02/05 or less) is exempt from rules

    Casino Rules: I am going to allow myself ONE entering a week, with 5% of roll (min $10 max $100), to play w/e i want at time. goal is to double (if 50+ brought in) or triple (10-50 brought in) then withdraw 1/2 and freeroll for long as i want to.

    I'll post my current status next followed by daily journal, yes this is tl;dr but mostly for me anyways so
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    Start level

    Current bankroll $6.42
    Current loans out: $13 to be paid by tomorrow
    Current stake out:$3.30 left of a ~$30 stake

    Currently in a
    $10 2.5k gtd FFS KQ<Q6 he rivered a boat after we flopped sets, almost out
    $20 4k gtd 59th....sigh
    $5 1k gtd 17th 17.43 fkn sucks

    New BR : $20.85
    Obv first run not great :/ good chance i'll have to depo...AGAIN to start doin this right

    2nd run
    $7.70 400 gtd PLO8 41st....sigh
    $3.30 OD NLHE 12th, one of those all in every hand bishes :/
    $0.55 $25 GTD OD 27th not surprised, they call anything with everything
    $5.50 300 GTD STR8 setup, JJ<QQ<KK AIPF
    $3.30 OD NLHE Busto, missed place :/

    ATM Fullrolling, busted

    Roll now at $16, default loan cleared and one other supposed to clear tonight but has till tomorrow

    Tired too, so going to sit at 02/05 NLo8 and slow grind, sitting with $2.50, Left with $3.74
    Also a $25 GTD and a DON $1.65, post results after
    44th in gtd, bullshit b2b 3 outted
    DON Result: 1st for 3.00

    Close bankroll for 2/18: $18.04, still pending 1 loan and stake
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    Good luck Car and thanks for posting!!

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    Wed 2/19/14

    Start Roll: $43.04 (Deposit went thru that was pre-approved last night)
    Waiting on 1 loan owed for $13
    1 stake needing to finish, bankroll at $3.30

    Run #1 to come shortly
    $2.20 PLO rebuy 300 gtd, in for $10.20 Busted too many times, im done
    $5.50 1k gtd 81st, AKs<AA
    $11 2.5k gtd Lost a flip
    $7.70 PLO8 OD FKKKKK bullshit beat
    $5.50 satty to 12.5k usually hate these, but bout 50% will get seat so worth it, got caught in steal and lost
    Stud8 table sat with $7.62, busted last two games on roll now, the 1k and a
    $25 GTD OD 13th for $1.00

    Current Roll: $0 Depod $50

    2nd run
    Last second into $20+$1 hyper turbo 26 left with 15 pay: Finally and this is why I manage my bankroll like this, insanely risky but almost always pays off 7th for $69.30

    Gonna slow down cause I got house work crap to do, last game for now gonna be
    $7.70 PLO8 OD 6th for $17.64
    $22 4k gtd Busted, stupid move :/
    $33 1.5k GTD turbo 8th for $70.80, ghey
    $7.70 PLO8 400 GTD Busted, gave P4S an easy chip up cause i felt sorry

    Current Roll: $117.34
    Now that the roll is getting a little safer (not much) I want to state just because I'm updating roll here, does NOT mean I'm starting loaning or staking again soon. I have 2 stakes I'm pending on doing, those 2 know who they are, besides that and the one running I am NOT doing any stakes until I'm stable in my view, don't even ask. Loans as well, if you don't know me, do not ask for a loan, and for those who do know me, expect me to most likely reject it until I'm stable

    Started my first stake, shipped $25
    Current Roll: $14.70
    Run #3
    $27.50 12.5k GTD 115 I'm PISSED, KK<AQ KQ7 flop, obv A turn A river
    $22 1.2k GTD 7th for $72, KJ<J10 3 outter fk
    $5.50 300 GTD Turbo 13th for $10.10 held as long as i could
    $44 2.4k GTD bubbled fml
    $33 3k GTD 51st, KK<A7 sooooted
    $11 1.2k gtd megastack 50th, basically blinded out
    $11 1k gtd 20th for $15.95
    Sitting with $5 at PLO8 table, busted
    Sitting with $12.50 at PLO8 table left with $23.39
    $0.55 25 gtd OD 8th for $1.57
    $5.50 400 gtd AA lost, reentered
    $5.50 400 gtd 23rd, K9o sfobv teh nutz vs JJ
    $5.50 500 gtd 42nd
    $5.50 500 reentry 44th KK<A8 ffs
    $3.30 300 gtd 1st hand lol AQs<KK
    $3.30 300 gtd reentry 42nd

    Deposited $90, leftover in Green dot

    Final Run
    Sat with $105 in $2/$4 FLO8, fullrolled
    Ah well, my bad, will be depoing again i guess, gonna take a break obv

    Final Bankroll: $0

    Using $2.20 in TB earned from runs
    200 GTD

    Posting My P5 so i can watch my tracking of BCP cashes
    s810car - Poker Player
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    Thursday 2/20

    Started today off broke, but had to help a player in need of cash fast so worked a deal, now I got a roll to mess with

    Starting Roll: $225
    1 stake at $3.30
    1 stake ongoing, started at $25
    Loan being paid by points to clear today, $12

    Last try on $2/$4, gonna sit with $80, no more trying till $500 roll if fail
    What a bitch, ass left when i turned it around

    Current Roll: $284.47
    $25 Sitting at 10/25 NLHE for beast points, fk it lol left with $40.21
    $25 10/25 PLO with P4s and JT, Pray obv pussed out and left when i sat Jt good sport though left with $20.51, lost $4.49

    Back at FLo8 $80 sitting got up with $136!! yeeeee
    $5.50 200 GTD 1st hand out AA<J10
    $5.50 200 GTD reentry

    Broke Rules already lol, Sitting with $50 at 50/1 PLo8, ill be careful : D Left with $94.68 weeeeeee

    Roll b4 work: $390.56, received $10 profit share from stake before its finish, everything else is as said in beginning of day
    Loans all paid, cleared up!
    Sitting with $50, Rambler and Poke at my table, best watch out : D Had to rebuy so sit with $100,
    Got up with $131.33

    Started late tonight, lotsa crap to do
    Night run:
    $33 3k gtd Busted in dumb move, breaking rule lol
    $33 3k gtd reentry 26th pathetic $44.88 cash
    $11 1.2k megastack
    $11 1.2k megastack reentry 19th, again didn't pay for itself :/ $18.37
    $6 2k R/A, used $18.60 br 7th for $80
    $11 1K GTD
    $11 1K GTD reentry
    $11 1K GTD reentry 45th what a waste
    Current Roll: $375.28

    Sitting at $5 and $25 tables
    Sat at 12.50, left $33.47
    Sat at 12.50, left $12,67
    Juicy Stud8 table sat at $100, left with $171.90 and a new nemesis, sf33dking

    Weeeeeee Started My stables final fkingly, $150 shipped to my thoroughbred, JayTodd28
    Current Roll: $310.11
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    Friday 2/21

    Current Roll: $310.11, about $16.50 currently in TB when I convert PP
    Stakes: 1 at $3.30 have to check status again
    Stable: 1 horse : Jaytodd @ $150
    Other: Payback on Failed stake @ $15
    All Loans are cleared
    One stake still needs closing in Off Site Trade, Janish

    1st run
    Sitting with $160 in 2/4 Stud8
    $22 1k gtd hyper turbo bubbled
    $5.50 1k gtd
    $5.50 1k gtd reentry
    $5.50 1k gtd reentry 4th for $86.02
    $11 2.5k gtd
    $11 2.5k gtd reentry 71st
    $15 900 gtd KO 11th for $27
    $22 4k gtd
    $22 4k gtd reentry
    $22 4k gtd reentry
    $55 5k

    FFS fuck that stud lol
    Stake payback of $15 cleared
    Current roll: $70.43

    2nd Run
    $5.50 400 gtd 6max
    $5.50 400 gtd 6max reentry
    $5.50 400 gtd 6max reentry 21st FKKKKK
    $11 1k gtd
    $11 1k gtd reentry
    $11 1k gtd reentry
    $11 1k gtd reentry 42nd, sigh
    $5.50 500 gtd turbo, 17th for $10.26 lol fml

    Current roll: $0.00
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