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    Like Freestyle Rap? Watch this!

    I have seen these 2 guys before on the Madrid metro, but this was the first time that I had my camera with me. I sat through 2 stops watching their first "flamenco rap" and as they exited to get on another car, I asked if I could film them, and to my delight they said yes!

    I realize that most of you don't speak Spanish, so you will have to trust me -- the rhymes are tight and his improvisation is spot on. He raps to or comments on every single person on the subway car (even me, but as I'm filming, you can't see me). But even if you don't speak Spanish, I think you will recognize that these guys are a couple of really talented street performers.

    Enjoy the video!

    Amazing Freestyle Flamenco Rap in the Madrid Metro - YouTube

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    I can appreciate this as I speak Spanish and like different types of music, but it looks the people are hostages and are not to happy with it.
    My favorite is the guy with the paper .

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    wow thats different, i wish i could understand what he was saying..

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