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    I'm publishing a Gonzo memoir soon, massive degen story w/poker n weed...

    Hello PO,

    I know most people here read at a 2nd grade level, but I'd like to put this out there for those who like to read books.

    I'm a world traveler who owns a publishing company out of Colombia since 2010.

    My story is completely insane, filled with travel by motorcycle, weed, poker, the internet and total chaos.

    The book will be on Kindle for a few days for free when I launch.

    I also will love to give a free PDF for those who want to read it.

    I'll leave the information about the book release on this thread.

    I have a list of PO peps who are interested in a free PDF copy. If you would to like to get a copy please leave a message here.

    If we already talked about it, please leave a reminder. I was smoking like 15 joints a day over most of this year and may have forgot to put a few names on it.

    I have massive marketing lined up and I may have a chance at something special. If I bust out I won't forget how much PO has helped me in my journey.

    Thanks for your support!

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    I'm sure it will be a good book to read Marly lol.

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    I think it is, will soon see if others do ...

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