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    hip hop concert i threw in college for a good cause

    click link below


    i made up this hip hop concert in college back in 2006 and threw it to raise money for a local child that was dying in the hospital of griscelli syndrome.. had wiz khalifa booked on it but had to tell him and his manager Will that i couldnt have them on the show cause other people performing, the dj, co mc ( i mced as well), wouldnt come up if i put him on... lol which was ridiculous...

    wiz only wanted 1,000 bucks and now he charges 100,000...

    i raised 1,900 bucks on 5 dollar tickets... payed only $633 to performers, gave my 33% cut to the family as well as their cut so they got 1300 bucks to help out with hotel stay and bills since their child was real sick..

    you can read about it if you click the link- the reason i look stoned handing the check over is because it was early as hell in the morning when the press called to take the pic and we had a celebratory party for the show being a success the night before- I was hung over and we were blazing in the am before I knew they wanted to take the pic for our school website haha... (i actually was smokey when i thought of the idea of the concert as well-so it somewhat fitting of a pic- although i wish i wasnt for the pic) overall a great success!!!

    the child (Jordan Jack) unfortunately passed away a few years later...

    R.I.P. Jordan
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    Pretty awesome of you guys, Pike. Nice to hear us stoners doing good things

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    that was just a few of the guys that were available for the pic/ were the ones blazing with me in the am lol when they called for the pic- we had 45 active brothers then...the entire concert was my idea- i orchestrated it all but obviously had the help of my Fraternity brothers- and the artists and my cousin from Pittsburgh...

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    Awesome job and thats something more people should do in this world. Sad to hear about Jordan.

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