Hey Zab, the Bear, for some reason i cant post in the pokerowned talk and upgrades, but i guess i will put my reccomondations right here,
ok thesse are small things
1. beside the request refund link there is another hyperlink "daily tournaments"
i dont think thats supposed to be a hyperlink though because i click on it and it says error: connection lost, and anyways the tourny schedule is right there in front of you.
Also, When you click on "Promotions" and you see the cool list of all the promotions I think you should start the list past the promotions, Like when you click on "Trade Center" you see the options "marketplace," Loan shark," etc. Well these don't hide the "Trade Center" link, when you click "Promotions" the options cover the "Promotions" link that you just pressed when your page is scrolled all the way up. You may want to make the list of promotions smaller or put them down more.
*Also i think you should have special promotions and freerolls for active people like me
One last thing when you are backtracking from forum threads, I would make the links that you press to backtrack bigger,

for Example from there if I wanted to go back to "Offtopic" I would click the link above, but it seems the link is a little too small. if you need help I'm a webmaster and I am familiar with HTML