"Moreover. he will then a number of martial arts. but also create their own martial arts moves. if he became the chief and I applaud "In fact. the presence of all understand that China the strongest of Warwick to help with Dragon Tiger Gate. acknowledged that the other the bang faction martial arts room for objection. So. whether it is the heart of sorts or endorsed by the chief of the evil there is no objection. At this time. Li Ruihao also said. "Since it is a contest to choose the chief. this total arms than we can be convinced." Listen Li Ruihao say this. someone whispered. "Does he want to be chief." Li Ruihao of course. heard these words. he did not refute the heresy of the "please" but toward the forest. the evil forest. replied. "Li the main door first moves.Good." Li Ruihao not refuse.

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