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    Footballers' Twitter vocab study

    I can't believe people get paid to do studies like this.
    I can't believe people get paid to write articles like this.

    It's Twitter.. Not Scrabble..!!!


    An analysis of footballers' vocabulary on social networking site Twitter has revealed Manchester United Rio Ferdinand to have an overwhelmingly 'basic' command of the English language.

    Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney are regular tweeters.
    Ferdinand, who has led the way for footballers on Twitter under the name @rioferdy5 and recently engaged in a war of words with Daily Mirror journalist Oliver Holt, has been criticised by former News of the World editor Piers Morgan for his poor spelling and grammar.

    And now, a Google study has revealed that 88% of Ferdinand's words were "basic" while 11% were "intermediate".

    Other players to have been tested fared better, with Ferdinand's United team-mate Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney) surprisingly articulate, with 43% basic and 56% intermediate.

    Everton skipper Phil Neville had the most expansive vocabulary among his peers, using 59% intermediate words mixed with 40% basic.

    However, none of the footballers in the study used more than 1% in advanced words.

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    lol nice thread

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