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Thread: chili recipe

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    Wink chili recipe

    I've been craving some really good homemade chili can anyone please hook you're recipe!! please!!

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    I do not really know any chili recipes but i hear that wendy's has good chili.

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    2 alarm chili kit and i also use the tabasco chili mix too but its prolly too spicy for yankees imo

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    ok, five-star line cook's recipe for chili:

    In frying pan, cook 2 lb ground beef until well done, then drain grease.

    in a stock pot/soup pot saute
    3 sliced yellow onions
    2 sliced red bell peppers
    1 sliced yellow bell pepper
    1 sliced poblano pepper
    1-5 sliced jalapeno peppers
    5 cloves garlic minced
    1/4 cup oil

    cook veggies on medium heat till they start to soften, then add beef.
    then add 2 - 24oz cans diced tomatoes. Then two cans of water.

    Simmer all that for about 45 minutes on medium-low heat,
    then add as many cans of beans as you like (2-5)

    now add seasoning

    1/2 cup Ground Cumin
    1/4 cup dried oregano
    1/4 cup paprika
    4 TBS salt
    1 TBS Cayenne pepper (if you can handle it)
    1 tsp ground cloves

    10 minutes before you're ready to eat it, pour 12oz of some cheap beer (PBR is my choice) in and give it a stir. Taste to make sure its seasoned right then enjoy!

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