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    Anyone know any good music to suggest for my I-pod? :) (Music)

    So I have recently been looking for new music for my I-pod and new songs for CD's in my car

    Any suggestions?

    Any genre, anything you that is good

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    Came across The Dirt Drifters had some cool songs. Eli Young's Jet Black and Jealous is a great album. Ran across this album, River Songs years back from a group called The Badlees, which was solid with a few songs that hit the radio.

    Like you always looking for something new and some what different. Interested to see what gets posted. Let us know what you decided on if you would.
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    I'm sure you have an extensive collection of music, MrPokerVerse. In fact I KNOW you do.

    RV? do you want NEW music or just music that could be new to you? I have a list of a few Canadian artists, you likely have never heard of, might be fun to add to your list.

    Check out 'Great Big Sea' (celtic style and a lot of fun, pretty high energy for the most part)
    Amanda Marshall - very talented girl, hasn't had any new releases in a couple years, due to some disputes with her record label, but good listening.
    Blue Rodeo- Rock/Country is pretty much how I would describe them- been around for a ga-zillion years and have a few good songs too
    Jan Arden- a fantastic singer/songwriter, mostly pop
    Chantel Kreviazuk- try and say that 5 times fast, I like her style, a sweet soothing sound, to me

    There are a few, if you want to switch it up a bit.

    Just a thought...

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    you should defiantly NOT get some free music from The Pirate Bay - The galaxy's most resilient bittorrent site

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