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Thread: Shultz

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    This man was walking through
    the park one day when he
    couldn't help but notice a woman
    "What's wrong?" he asked. "Shultz
    is dead! Shultz is dead!" she
    He didn't know who Shultz was
    so he just continued on. Then he
    came upon another woman.
    "Shultz is dead!," she too sobbed.
    He just passed by.
    Then another. And another. And
    another! Then he came upon a
    site which made him stop. What
    he saw was hundreds of women
    crowded around a street car,
    which had apparently been
    involved in an accident, who were
    all crying "Shultz is dead! Shultz is
    He went up to it and there he saw
    the street car had ran into a man
    and literally torn him to pieces. All
    that was left of him that you could
    see was his arms, legs and his
    Well he was just startled by all this
    so he decided to go home. When
    he got home, he said to his wife:
    "Hey Honey, you know I just saw
    the darndest thing. Out on Mill
    Street a street car had ran into a
    man and cut off his penis and I
    swear it had to be a foot and a
    half long!".
    "Oh no! Shultz is dead! Shultz is
    dead!" she sobbed

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