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    One for Christmas...

    A Christmas Story

    Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the house
    Not a hand would hold up
    Thanks to that no good, no fold-em, idiot louse!

    His stacks grew higher
    Mine waned towards the felt
    Now this S.O.B. has put me on TILT!

    "CHIPS" cried the dealer
    As I fumbled for cash
    We were at war
    Me and this little, river rat, 2-6 offsuit playing ASS!

    When what to my wandering eyes should appear?
    But a pocket full of aces to bring me good cheer!
    "RAISE" called the maniac, "RE-RAISE" I cried
    "CAP" he hissed, with all hands still alive.

    An 8-way pot at limits 6 and 12
    Deeper into this story we shall now delve...
    I flopped my Ace, this much is true
    But little did I know he was holding two-two.

    Heads up betting had me calling "All-In"
    But there was no doubt that the best hand would win!
    A two on the flop gave me no dismay
    I was busily counting chips that would soon come my way.

    The board paired on fourth street, giving me the nuts I assumed
    And turned over my Aces for his eyes to consume.
    He paused just a moment before "2!!" he did call...
    And Miraculously...................................... ...............the
    case deuce on the river did fall

    "Nice Catch" I muttered, editing my initial reply
    Where I'd tell this guy off, instead yelled "REBUY!"
    While up in chips with these massive stacks
    Maniac forgot to protect them and eventually gave them all back.

    Within three hours I heard him mutter "all-in"
    Head hung, defeated, he'd committed a poker sin
    I raised on the button for "protection" (I lied)
    Just wanted it heads up to restore my pride.

    Burning and turning the board soon displayed
    I'd caught an ace on the river to his dismay.
    As he turned to go, I said (rather snobby)

    "Merry Christmas! Oh and my book is for sale in the lobby!"

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    lool merry xmas to all here. see u at 5000$ vip tourney at ipoker or at william hill 20k cracker tourney. however see u

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    very cute!!! tx for posting that hehe and merry xmas!!

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