year is 1975. playing brook hollow gc with a friend in dallas, he has a shot of 150 yards and he has to go between some trees about 20 yards ahead , he hits a screaming shot that hits a tree and comes directly back him very FAST. the ball actually sticks right between his thighs, as in afinished golf swing usually your thighs r together. he looks at me and says nothing, then he smiles and proceeds to baby step his way to the green with the ball stuck beteen his thighs not letting it fall, he gets by the flag tries to release it into the hole but it sits right by the hole, he taps the ballin for a 3 and isay nice birdie. i swear this is the truth. the odds of everything happening r in the billions. most people would have just let the ball drop right afterwards, he was definite an unusual guy. jimmyd1953