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    may20 world ends tommorrow

    Might as well bet all my bankrolls and go for it all. According to Harold Camping the world is ending tommorow.
    I guess thats the end to all poker, at least being a us player i wont feel ripped off anymore. Im going to parley ,bet wager everything that it doesnt end tommorow. I hope i can find a book on it.
    2 hrs later , well i couldnt find a bookie because if it did happen they couldnt collect and if things go on as usual they would lose a ton.
    Camping is just another false prophet who will make up a later date when it doesnt happen.
    This doomsday stuff will go and on as it has for at least 150 yrs.
    Camping must admit he is a false prohet when it doent happen because that is what it says in the bible. when someone makes a prediction and it doesnt come true , he is a false prohet.
    Man u talk about a bad beat ,Harold is about to get 1.
    Or maybe he could say "i was bluffing to test u, because its really going to happen in 2012"
    I have had my own mix ups on the bible and realize that i dont really understand a lot of it.
    See u at the race tracks Harold.

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    Well he did add that in case it didnt end tomorrow we have until Oct 21 lol I think atcually hes saying that tomorrow starts the end or maybe im reading it wrong. But the way i read it is alot of bad things will start tomorrow(and could end LOL) Earthquakes floods etc...

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    As usuall another crack pot blow alot of money telling us the end was comming

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