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    jimmyds life of gambling

    my paid his way thru college playing poker. so i grew up in a very competitive environment. ive won money at all these games, poker, gin, backgammon, pitching coins, pool, fuzz ball, pinball, chess, ping pong, one on one basketball,tennis and most of all GOLF and the putting green. the last 2 years iplayed golf my handicap was plus 2 that was 1997, too sick now too play, ive gambled at so many things i cant think of them all, im ahead in everything except 1 thig and im only down about 200 that is sports betting. anyways i have even had the nickname (games), strategy is my strength and also only playing against someone u know u can beat, yes ive been called a hustler, but i call it smart betting. i have some good advice for live poker games i learned from my dad , who has won millions in poker, 1, only play with someone u LIKE. 2. NEVER play with someone u dont trust. NEVER play for more than 10 percent of your bankroll, i actually believe this should be 2 %. NEVER cheat. good players dont cheat, they r just better. never leave a guy broke if u bust him and hes cashless, give him some travleing money. Ive probably gambled more than most, and was it worth it, only at the time, if i could do it all over again i think i would do a lot different. i have too many regrets. good luck at the tables. jimmyd

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    I has never played golf, because we haven't any golf ground in my city)) But it isn't small city))

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    wow lots of winnings lol ;| and thanks for the advice there jimmmyd

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    I never actually play Golf but looks fun, well just mini golf. Some people said it's difficult xD
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