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Thread: wsop lol scenes

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    Jun 2013

    wsop lol scenes

    what funny scenes you saw in wosp?i have 2 i will never forget:1 guy UTG position fold AK spades because BB was
    phil ivey.1 guy fold KK because he dont risk be bubble boy.boths cases was main event.

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    PokerOwned God Swittie's Avatar
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    May 2012
    i think i woudda fold KK too lol.... being bubble boy wouldnt had been fun in a main event ...lmao ... xDD

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    I remember the guy folding Kings. I don't blame him. It's a pretty valuable min cash in the main event.

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    Apr 2013
    yea thats a tough call. i probley would fold it to

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    Dec 2012
    KK is easy call there...double your money or goose egg...hmmmmmmmm....but suited AK and chance to take some Ivey chips....priceless

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