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    Winner takes all theory vote

    Hi everyone, i really like the po tournaments and all but the first place prize of 7.50 or 9.00 just isnt sweet enough, and almost impossible to work with
    I believe that in a 30 freeroll the winner should take all 30
    And for the 40 dollar one also
    For me i dont really feel like its worth to wait 3 hours and fight through 50
    Players for 7.50
    I mean, in the wsop they had winner takes all for a while when they had over 200 entrants, it plainly just attracts more players because nobody cares about second or third place, they just stare at 1st!

    In a po tourny, if you place second, so what, who cares about 6 bucks? You cant do anything with 6 anyways.
    we should be going for 30
    Anywaysalso isnt that what the promotions are for? ( grinder challenge, pokerowned speedway, etc...

    So please put your votes on whether to change the tournaments to winner takes all, or keep it the same
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    I think I figured it out, you are one of those people who talks just to hear themselves talk, amirite?

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    I have to disagreed with you here becuase you can still play with $6 bucks and this site is for them without bankroll so they can try build it up.
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    Nah I'd rather spread the wealth
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    When the freerolls were on fulltilt we always paid out final table. Then when we moved to carbon the payouts were set differently as only top 5-6 were paid. Nobody was happy and zab made sure all the rest of the freerolls after that paid out the final table.

    Just going by that i dont think people are gonna go for a winner takes all.

    look at B2B as a like winner takes all but only if you win 2 in a row

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    630 you just picked the 5000 pt contest winner!!!

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    I like it the way it is. I think it's nice to be able to build a bankroll from zero even without having to win the tourneys. And yes, you can do something with $6. Take it to a small cash table and build from it.

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    I vote this is the worst idea b112895 has ever submitted on this site.

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    They have 4 freerolls a day.. you can win more than $6 a day. and if you don't use your money right after you win it you can save it up til you have $30 then play.


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    really???? im mean any amount of money can be built up.. Chris Ferguson for example took 1.00 dollar and ran that up so six dollars cant be done the same plz are you brain dead
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