The Charcoal Purifying Bag are environmentally friendly and consist of purely natural bamboo activated carbon. Bacterial particles, odours and allergens are bound to the surface of the air and the air is purified while the air flows through the fine pores of the charcoal. All toxins and fungal spores are extracted directly from the air and trapped inside. This prevents all odours, bacteria and moulds. This removes moisture from the air and keeps your shoes and sports bag dry, so odours are trapped before they can develop. Food can also be kept fresh longer because the air is less humid and your food won't spoil as quickly. The charcoal bag consists of a beautifully sewn linen bag with extremely porous bamboo charcoal. The upper left corner has a metal eyelet for added comfort. Click on its official website and get it with lot of Discount: Breathe Green Charcoal Purifying Bag Review, Price & Where to Buy? - Breathe Green Products Review- Updated 2019