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    Feb 2012

    well i took a week in a half to go broke at americas cardroom

    finally went broke at Americas cardroom. agonizing ugh oh well

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    Jun 2013
    it happens work on some freerolls and get back in it

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    Mar 2012
    sometimes you just run really bad, i just lost a couple of coolers today so I'm taking a break and posting here lol.

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    Sep 2012
    Sorry about that. It can be frustrating when you keep missing everything while you're opponents make hands without even trying.

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    May 2013
    So do you just play or do you also study the game? You should buy a book or review hands and basically just work on improving, its a process and takes hard work to become a winner. What do you typically play tournaments? SNG's? Cash games? 6max? FR?

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    pokerstars this week are killing me.if a lose more than 3 tournaments or cash games i stop and call a day on site.or play
    only freerolls rest of the day.

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