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Thread: Thank u all!

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    Jan 2011

    Thank u all!

    It was a very rough day. My bro passed on my dog Chino thanks so much for your support this forum rocks crazy that people i barely know could make me feel so much better thanks for your kind words and sorry for your loses also DOG ARE A MANS BEST FRIEND and I will miss him till the end

    Love u alll ty so much
    it helped alot
    your all true friends i never knew ty

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    Sry for your loss, it was your dog right? They become part of the family
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    Dogs are hard to lose. Usually the circumstances of the death make it easier or harder. If they're old then you know they had good life. But if they're young I think it hurts more.
    My family has has a lot of dogs over the years. But the one who got shot by hunters while she was still young, that one still bothers me most.

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