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    Poker Hand History

    Just curious to how many of you delete your hand history's.Seems like when i am running bad or seems not getting cards i will delete my hand history.I was not getting the cards like i have been and was having bad day on the tables playing a few sng's so deleted my hand history went and played another sng and took it down.Not saying it was bc of that but ya never know...just like some input and thoughts on deleting hand historys...thanks

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    Everyone got there own opinion but I think your wrong deleting your hand history. Whether your bad run is because you got unlucky, haven't played well, or a combination of both its a way for you to look back and review what exactly happened and in the end it should help you become a better player. Remember bad runs are inevitable, it happens to everyone.

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    i dont exactly get the point here, u mean that poker sites probably deal cards based on your Hand History?
    well, as i said before, i dont exactly see a racional reason for they to do it......O_o

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    well i thinks that is just coincidence... but sometimes i find myself wondering what happened just 2 hands ago, so thank god for hand history... +)

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    Just review them b4 deleting.
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    I guess it worked for you. But it's always nice to keep your hand history to look back at nice hands like quads and straight and royal flushes.

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    the shit people come up with to try and control luck makes me LOL

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    Why the hell would you delete your hand history. Dont you think you might want to keep your hand history to look at. I use my hand history to go back to check on other players play.

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