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    In Lieu of the recent Cake Poker account transfers of USA player's accounts to JuicyStakes. Leaves a question in my mind and perhaps other players from the USA.

    "Is it worth being a member of any poker forum?"

    Nowdon't get me wrong I really like this forum. Not only for the freerolls but just it's overall design as well as the feedback from other players as well os the information from more expierienced players here that is gained. And oh yes the video's (can't forget the video's).
    But one of the upsides to this forum is the reward of the points for watch clips, completing survey's, etc. But soon will these awarded points be worth anything at all the the average USA player? I mean what's the point of being a member and perhaps attaining some astronomical points if they won't be worth squat to you (for any playing action)?
    I realize that this hasn't happened YET to merge but it sure give's one something to mull over.

    What are your thoughts about this?

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    I just do it for fun, it's a hobby, so it doesn't really matter that much to me.

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    If something was to happen to merge im sure Zab would get us going on another site. You could also just stock pile them so in a year or so you will be using them for an american site. The points here will always be worth something somewhere or to someone. Steve i need to learn that cause im just a break even player online. So i need to just have fun online but it is hard when you suffer alot of bad beats lol It is what i must do tho
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    People join forums for various reasons ... you mentioned a few already. There is not a one size fits all answer. Different strokes for different folks ... so to speak.

    Reading between the lines, it seems like you are asking "If I earn some points and convert that to online money will I actually ever get to hold that money?" The short answer is maybe.

    I've got some money on Cake ... errr make that Juicy ... haven't actually loaded Juicy yet. Anyways, Does that money feel like real money? ... nope. Does it feel like play chips? ... nope. It feels like something in between sucks ... but oh well... not gonna lose sleep over it.

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