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    Playin big stack

    My tourney play is solid but one area that needs more experience is playin big stack. You have to up aggression but to what extent. Raising preflop and postflop has value but pissin in the wind has limits. Any advice?

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    Everyone has their own way of playing big stack. Me, I don't get too crazy. I usually tighten up some and will bluff at opportune times. Don't wanna start doubling people

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    well you can play aggressively but tight of course, the strategy is different each game.

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    Patience and solid cards
    "Take My Bankroll-Plz!"

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    I dont feel you need to raise aggresion on the big stack. I feel a strong patient game is the key to a successful tourney. keep your pre-flop raises the same and keep it tight!

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