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    New grinder champ of the day

    I am starting this in market maybe we can talk zab into making this a true promo. I think are daily grinder challenge is great but very difficult. I think to get more people trying to grind more tournaments we could bet on a daily champ most points in a day wins how ever much is in the pool for the day maybe start pool at 100 or 200 see if anyone likes idea maybe 500 what do u guys think ........So most grinder points in a day gets entire pot .....just post it in market we will call it DGC in market bets must be in before daily games start what do u guys think

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    not a bad idea, however there any a hand ful that play all game most days gl fool
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    like pots said, zab is about the numbers and the numbers in the client games are well you know................otherwise the Prize Pools would go up

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