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Thread: loanshark

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    Feb 2012


    hey folks I have a loan in the shark if you guys wouldn't mind checkin it out thanks. Also if you guys are interested in stakin me let me know I do alright in tourneys just not on Americas card room

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    whats wrong with ACR that you don't run good there?

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    Feb 2012
    not sure Ive ran deep in several of there tourneys only placing in one get real unlucky on that site well I guess ive won a few of there sats though.although blackchip I do fine thought they were same site idk

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    why cant i get a loan more then 1k???

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    New Upgrade - Loan Shark -

    How many points am I eligible to apply for?

    How many days \ months you have been a member:

    1-30 days = 100 points cap
    31-60 days = 250 points cap
    61-120 days = 500 points cap
    121-180 days = 1000 points cap
    181 days+ = 4000 points cap
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