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    Live Grind for the Year

    Well my last thread got spammed by useless shit that totally missed the point of the thread so I'm created this one and will try to post at least one hand from each LIVE session and branch off from there. (Will try to update 1-2 times a week).

    Here are the amounts YTD
    Live tournaments - $3,409
    Live Cash - $3,486

    Now I recently just had a great night in cash and will start off with a hand from that session. 2/5NL in CO position

    Get dealt 66, fairly laggish table..UTG +1 limps in, guy to his direct left Raises it to $25..folded to middle position where he flat calls I call both blinds fold and the initial limper calls.

    Flop comes Q 9 6 rainbow board.
    UTG+1 leads out for $60, guy to his left (initial raiser) makes it $125, and the guy after him makes it $240 to me..I re raise to $525 and everyone folds but the middle position guy who calls me (he was all in for $505) and flips over Q 9 for top two.

    Left up $1768 for the night
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