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    live action poker

    I know that some dont have casino's in there states wich sucks if you like poker but i have found that some places can get away with having poker rooms in Kansas i found a bar called Nikkies poker room they had regular holdem tourny's by renting you a chair you pay rent on the chair wich goes into the prize pool was real cool there would be about 50 to 70 people there ssome horse tracks have poker but no casino i found a dog track in Florida that had a poker room upstairs my point is look in the phonebook or online some places can bend the rules to have poker you just have to dig real hard i did find a back room poker game in Round Rock Texas but i would not go there for fear of jail but they are there the mob control's Rome so we need to be the Mob I hate to say it buy write your congressman and join the PPA its all we got
    I laughed at the Lorax you poor stupid guy you never can tell what some people will buy...

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    yes, lets all join the PPA and finally get poker legalized in the US. We are the only major world economy who is not allowed to play. Land of the free, Right!

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