It's so sick.... I was just thinking the other day that rake is so sky high on Merge, and was also thinking how annoying it was that I had barely gotten anything out of Merge for all the time that I had spent there. I understand its a hobby, but Merge is easily the most difficult site that I have ever played on. Here is a SS of how much I have raked: Its $6,081.30

That got me wondering how much others have raked here. FWIW, I made 1 max WD in Feb, and haven't had any luck since. The place is so reg infested.... it's so much easier @ Bovada and WPN, but Carbon is where all the PO FRs are. SIGH
Oh BTW.... 10 VIP's = $1 rake; so the 60813 it just divided by 10 for the real $ amount. Let me know how much you have helped Merge make. LOL