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Thread: home tourney

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    Cool home tourney

    Just got home from a freeroll at a local bar in Pittsburgh. an average of 40 players every week; 3 get paid: 1st is 150$ CASH 2nd is a 50$ gift card to the bar/restaurant and 3rd is a 25$ gift card to the bar/restaurant as well... after 12 weeks the players with the most points-(going by what place you take every week), the top players play a final table for money and prizes...

    week 1: didnt play- didnt know about the tourney

    week 2: took 11th (slow played and lost with aj to ak against an old lady)

    week 3: took 6th (went all in with ak lost to k-6 offsuit on turn)

    week 4: took 15th (went all in with aq of hearts and lost to 88, flopped an Ace he rivered an 8)

    week 5: took 4th aka bubbled_ first hand i went all in with on final table was k6 offsuit because i was low stack and that was the hand i lost to against in week 3, i went against rockets; the flop showed no love but the turn was a 6, and the river was a 6. about a 145 to 1 chance of that hitting on the river.. i doubled up then got rockets 2 hands later and turned a boat against his flush... a few chop pots happened and then --) (went all in with jk of clubs and lost to 22)

    i will place my every week poker tourney story here:

    feel free to leave comments:

    gl everyone in your own poker tourneys wherever you shall play!

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    maybe i should of slow played on this last tourney at the end

    the crazy shit that happened was that earlier i would of won two triple ups if i would of called two assholes pushin with decent cards

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    You sure had some fun, I wish I could play but too expensive to travel to closest casino
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