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Thread: focus

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    what things do u do when u play either online or irl to help u calm down and focus when playing

    for me ironically is something i could never do irl, i like to shuffle a deck of cards when i play ive found my game improves incredibly when i do what about u lot?
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    Music and a hoodie, always calms me down

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    my dad is a old card hustler and current magician, and i can relate to the deck of cards. Cards are very soothing to me, I also like to play with my chips and do tricks with them, not the normal kind, but practice my slight of hand stuff. But the tops for me is gripping a baseball. It has always had a calming effect on me, i just rotate the ball and go over all the different pitch grips and hand release motions, man, maybe that is why i have been agro lately, need to go get my baseball.

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    whether in real life or online i have 10 chips and start doing tricks with em. All kinds of different shuffles and some other things LOL
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