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    Florida State Ladies Championship Events 2 & 3 Pics

    Just sharing a few more pics with yall. On event 2 I placed 8th it clearly states whom I am so NO STALKING ME! In event 3 check out Photo 9 the chick with the BRIGHT PINK HAIR....Thats who went with me...I call her Rainbow Bright AKA Elizabeth as well. Hope to get more pics the more events I go to.

    Home / bestbet Jax LIPS Event #2 Nov 2012 | LIPS

    Also for the ones that wanted to watch the final table that was streamed online here is the link. If you type "LIPSChick" into the search box it will pull the video.

    USTREAM - You're On - Broadcast Live Streaming Video, Watch Online Events, Chat Live, send a Tweet, follow on Facebook, MySpace, record your Live Shows Again you must type LIPSChick into search to locate.

    Thanks for reading

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    esta em ingles e eu inflismente nao consegui entende

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