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Thread: Cheating?

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    Anyone out there want to share some experiences of dealing with a cheater - either online or live games? I used to play a home game a few years ago that fizzled when one of the regulars was suspected of stacking the deck one night. I was not there that night, but a different night I was playing with the suspect and during one of his deals, these starting hands were dealt out to the table - 99(me), TT, JJ, QK(D), JT, 22, 9T

    the flop: 9TJ (rainbow) - acting first, I played it safe and bet small. JJ raised, dealer called, TT called, I called
    the turn: 2 - I get a queasy feeling and check thinking my set is not that good, 4 players all in, I fold hoping the board doesn't pair. ($550 in the pot in a .25/.50 game)
    the river: 3 - My gf was to his right and she was new so she forgot to cut the deck. There was also some kinda confusing switcheroo with the two decks in play before that hand - one of which she was supposed to be shuffling. I'm lucky my instinct told me to fold, but it wasn't until the other incident that I remembered this hand (which was talked about for weeks).

    I also lost some money on UB to potripper on at least 2 occasions - not enough to make a claim on, but it still sucked.

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    I'm pretty sure this guy is up to something, just not sure what yet.....

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    WOW, what a hand. I wonder if that cheater got his ass kicked. Me personally, probably a little collusion on the pokerstars days where one guy was taking it easy on another so they could move up the money ladder.

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    I've witnessed a lot of suspicious things, but I just leave a table the second something seems really off.

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    I have also seen a guy who could stack the deck live , needless to say i walked out once i seen it. I always watch the dealers eyes as there is no need for them to even look at the cards while shuffling
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    i heard few years ago that on unknown small pokerrooms people had their bots to grind for them for example during night (most of all they were earning money from rakeback) - someone heard about it ?

    also heard that someone seen 5 during one hand at p* or other pokerroom ? - someone heard about it too ? ;D

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    Everyone complains about cheating! usually its the people that suck

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    Jesus christ. now this situation was a live game or online?

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    That's tough, would hate to think there is a way to cheat online. Have def, run into some people helping eachother out. Go all in and partner calls w 2-4 or something and vice versa nxt tourney. will lyk if it keeps happening so you guys can stay away

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    I play World Tavern Poker at a local bar here in town. Last year we had an incident with a husband/wife cheating team. They had a code system with at least a few ploys. One was where they would either use each other to bet up the pot to give someone pot odds for calling against one of their monsters. Another one was when one of them would get the other to fold so the first one could take the pot, either to transfer chips or to prevent playing against each other. It was suspected for a long time but it's hard to prove it. One time the dealer (we take turns dealing) "accidentally" flipped up the folders cards and showed that she had folded the nuts, but she said that she didn't realize she had made the straight.

    Finally, the TD told them "I want you to know that every single person in this group is going to be watching both of you every second of every tournament, looking for any sign of cheating. If you're not cheating, then you have nothing to worry about and are welcome to continue to play with us. If you are cheating, we will catch you and you'll be banned from all tavern poker."

    They never came back after that.
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