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Thread: Buy In's

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    Question Buy In's

    When playing in Big buy in tourney do you guys play different? how does it alter your play?

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    I don't think it should change the way you play. The only thing that should change the way you play, is the way your opponents play.

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    Bigger the buy ins you may find more solid players most times .. On the same hand if players is in 25.00 with 1750.00 br you will find yourself in a bad situation at times .. How you play also can or can not be affected by your br .. It comes down to whether you can afford to be in the hand or not or if they are willing to spend verses the prize .


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    I try to ignore my investment into a tourney. Once I've bought in, I try not think about the money. In the past, I would worry about that a lot, but I don't buy into tourneys for which I don't feel comfortable losing the money.
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    I always play tighter. Must be a psychological thing because I play much better in micro tourneys

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