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Thread: bovada

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    Feb 2014


    I think they have worse program.. cant always get drew out on river can u??

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    Mar 2014
    Seems about normal to me(the suck out )they do seem to have a doom switch for some one that plays the casino lol
    Any time I play the casino it seems like I go an hour or two before picking up a card higher than's like they want you back in the casino.
    If you like to suck out 2 and 3 outters try the WPN.

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    I dont tkink any of them have a good program and odds are your not getting sucked out on every river, but it sure feels like it at times!
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    I was hoping that the reason the OP's post is almost unintelligible was because English is your 2nd language. Glad to see that you're from Arkansas, so I was correct in my assessment.
    I'm not slurring my words. I'm talking in cursive. I believe the ladies find it to be quite elegant.

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    I liked the drew just fine hahaha I love the program and not getting drew out on the river myself
    April 19, National Poker Day

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    i like bovada , i think its fine . i just dont like the no names thing n everybody has a number ...

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    bovada is the best site out there shit

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    yup!! Bovada is the best for US players! because it #1 in Customer Service and has Fast Payouts!

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