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Thread: Bet ur trips

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    Aug 2013

    Bet ur trips

    I've identified a hole in my game, I slow play my trips. It comes back to bite me almost every time after my opponent catches up and passes me on the river. Bet your trips and bet them strong from the start.

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    i dont bet unless i have a set, i slow play alot too much prob.
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    I slow play sets to let people catch up a little, in the long run it will be more profitable than not, but I like to bet trips if I have a hand like AK and the flop comes KK5, because people will usually call or raise you because it just seems like a weird line to bet your trips.

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    It's a 50-50 betting hand...if there's nothing on the flop leading to a draw, you can easily check raise, but if there are draws out there, almost automatic you have to bet the trips.

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    I try to do something a little different every time. Alot depends on the flop texture and the player/stacks in the hand with me.
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    Main thing is to see how many draws are out there. If its a dry board you should slow play but if it's draw heavy you should fire the cannons

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    I notice myself being so excited i finnally flopped a set, i tend to lose value by always tryning to trap the op.

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