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    backgammon versus poker

    i used to play a lot of backgammon in the 70s and even had the privalege to play with mrs. Jacoby. ( look up on net and she and her husband were top players in the world in bridge and backgammon), on line backgammon stinks. but live i really enjoyed backgammon way more than poker. there is a saying in gammon -its the cruelest game in the world- poker comes mighty close. did u know that backgammon is over 2000 years old, the oldest game that is actively played in the world. online its poker, no game can compete.

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    never played the game ,,, i think it would be just that,,, to much thinking lol
    take care

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    i used to play a lotta bgamon back in college days,, lol, really havent played much since,,we just used to play ita t mite in our dorm rooms,,, i dont think we really kew all the strategy tho, but it was fun LOL

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