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Thread: 888 poker

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    888 poker

    lately i beenon 888 poker they have the new live cam cash tables there, i think thay r great, has any1 esle seen this , and play on them, great way of have fun , and i'vbeen playing well on them, sit there for 2 hr not 5 mins, if u get a change and u have the site, have a look. and see.
    u can't miss me i'm the nuked aussie there. lol lol lol.
    p.s as i writing this my cat get swaped by bird, and attacting the cat. that funny.

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    Sounds good mate, but i dont play there because i dont get the 8$ free in my account. I also think they have to work on there software

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    i was trying to get no deposit bonus on this site but they said its not allowed 4 my country:/i think it smells like a cheap platform

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    That's not really important.
    I found 888 Poker looks so great maybe I should deposit money
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