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    Halo 4 (Xbox360)

    So I thought i would post here letting everyone know my Xbox Live Gamertag. I named the title of this thread Halo 4 because this is mainly all i play. once in a while i will play CoD MW3 but not much.

    Also I would like to know your opinion in the game, both multiplayer and Co-op/campaign.

    I have played every Halo game and have been a huge fan since day 1. I have also been part of MLG (Major League Gaming) for a few years now and compete in all the Halo games.

    Please feel free to discuss or ask questions and/or add me or message me on XBL to play some games!

    Gamertag - Kevlarrr

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    wish i had a xbox 360 used to and it broke so no play for me.

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