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    Who do you think is going to win this year Roland Garros?

    This year I think it's going to be a hard dispute between Nadal and Djokovic, but I think that in the finals Nadal will recover himself and win this title again. I'm cheering for Federer, but this year is going to be really difficult to him win any Grand Slam.
    For the female dispute, I think Clijsters will have an easy win since Serena is not going to play another Grand Slam. I don't think Wozniacki have a chance against Kim unless she starts to play more offensive.

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    i'm alwayssssss rooting for federer, but every day it seems like he's getting closer to retirement...i love the man to death but i hope he doesn't wait until he's considered a washed up player to retire...he needs to quit while he's still got some dignity left, and it seems like it will be far as the open goes, i think djokovic is gona win it if federer doesnt...djoko is just rampaging thru the year, he looks amazing on the court, its unreal...and fuck nadal i hate him lol

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