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    thank you PO From 3k points to $5200 if Denver win super bowl

    so i got 3k points a month ago. went to client and Shugwhite donk 10k points to me in 7 mins. I bought $19.50 bcp from dalsue with my points. HIt a 7 teamers that night and then another 7 teamer the next day. I put everything on Denver VS Pats, and double it all on Seattle VS. Niners. Had a heater week for $1100 and won 5th on the $3500 GTD. I bet on Denver $1650 on the superbowl. I lost $1200 on friday and decided to cash the rest out $2250 last night before i donk it all out on a game or two. So if Denver win i will have $5200 from 3k PO points.

    I would like to thanks Shugwhite for donking 10k points to me a month ago. this is for you SHUG. and thanks to dalsue sold me that $19.50 bcp.

    I'll be taking a break from BCP for awhile after the superbowl. I'll be taking my talent to Its a bitcoin sportsbook website with a 10 mins cash out or in. way better then bcp, dont have to wait for 15 days for a skinking check.

    thank you everyone and PO.
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    This is getting old. Were sick and tired of the Spurs owning us. This is the year we ride up to the challenge, Get the monkey off our back! We Believe GO Dubbssss!!

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    Damn thats a pretty sick run! lets go peyton! he needs this if he wanna be mentioned with the greats..even though he is one of the best all time he does need another superbowl under his belt though

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    sick barg bro dog you can tell everybody you caaaan tell everybody

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    oneee lucky duck) how much u goona give that shugwhite?? U OWE HIM LOLL GLL,, WAITT WAIT ,,, u mite owe me too lol,,,, was the 3k points from the loan i gave u ?? i

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    realy nice ,,, its great when you take rhis moment ,,,,congratulations....
    im bikkeromano

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    Epic bro! GO GO GO!!!

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    that is one legen.... wait for it dary story.... that's crazy. i wouldn't have the balls to make those huge bets but i guess you really started with nothing but 3k in points! congratulations. good luck broncos!!!

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    cool you can thank everyone else on client b/c I am up like 500 USD on client this month

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    run good much? Where you at shug, I want points

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    nice run i wish someone gave my some points

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